Winnie the Pooh

The Discovery of Winnie the Pooh Originals

We were wrapping up the initial examination and inventory for a client’s insurance appraisal. It was the end of a long but pleasant day filled with fine antiques and bold, historic and sweeping canvases of both equine and maritime art. Mr. Dykes and our client stepped past a little alcove bar, when our client waved a dismissive hand at four small framed drawings, and said, “Those are nothing, not worth including.”

It was one of those magic moments when time seems to stop for me and the lighting in the room seems to shift to a slightly brighter scale. I smiled as if possibly recognizing a long lost friend, then peered through my loupe at the few sparse strokes of the first drawing.


I bent to examine the second.


The third. The last. I straightened and said, “No, sir. We do have something very worthwhile here. Very worthwhile indeed.”

Less than five months later, we sold four of the original drawings from Winnie the Pooh. The sale was held in New York by Bonham’s and the total hammer price for the four lots amounted to $378,830.00. Collection of Ernest Howard Shepard Illustrations for Winnie- the- Pooh Sold for $378,830.00

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