Art Brokerage

Art Brokerage and Fine Art Sales:

Llewellyn Dykes Appraisals, LLC, serves your art brokerage needs in Hilton Head, Savannah, Charleston, the southeastern region and all of the United States. The firm demonstrates proven results, producing the best value by brokering fine artwork and other assets.

Before you can convert an estate to liquid assets for probate or other financial settlement purposes, before you risk your more valuable assets, it is vital to know their true worth and, more importantly, exactly how, when and where to sell them. There is no substitute for experience, dependability and proven results.

Our Certified Master Appraiser, with the assistance of our staff, appraises, authenticates and brokers fine art, fine antiques, fine jewelry, collectibles and other assets. Sales made for our clients, from previously undervalued or undiscovered artworks, have resulted in approximately $16 million in just the past few years.


This Italian master oil was discretely hanging over the sofa in a private home. When Mr. Dykes arrived to evaluate other art in the home for sale ability, he immediately recognized the value of this painting. After thorough research and authentication, Mr. Dykes successfully brokered the Gondolfi master piece, Diana and Callisto, at a Christie’s auction for over $4.1 million dollars.

  • Would you like to turn a valuable work of art into cash?
  • Do you know the true value of your personal assets?

Let Llewellyn Dykes Appraisals evaluate your valuable assets while formulating a powerful marketing strategy. Our full cycle brokerage services can often make a difference of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in realized net yield for our clients.


During a personal property appraisal, Mr. Dykes challenged the value of this important Russian painting. The painting was wrongly valued at $50,000.00 by another firm. Under Mr. Dyke’s guidance, this painting was re-valued and sold for $2,890,000.00 at Christie’s auction Read more on our Discoveries or News pages.

Llewellyn Dykes Appraisals does not purchase clients’ valuables nor do we maintain an inventory for sale. Our company’s ethics strictly forbid the purchase of any client valuable regardless of the price. Our goal is to represent our client’s interests by selecting the appropriate domestic or international venue in which to sell their valuables and negotiate the best terms possible. Now is the time to consider the sale of your valuables. Mr. Dykes, MPPA, GPPA, CES, long history of success, coupled with his network of top sellers and buyers in the world’s most exclusive auction houses, is unequaled in brokering the lowest fees and best terms for our clients, while generating the highest net yield.

Mr. Dykes, Certified Master Appraiser, along with a network of experts work together to complete all aspects of our complete art brokerage service:

  • Inspect and Evaluate
  • Research
  • Authenticate
  • Appraise
  • Broker assets for best possible yield

kelly-watermellon (2)Llewellyn Dykes Appraisals is available to conduct a walk-through evaluation of your fine art, antiques, jewelry and collectibles or we can perform a preliminary email review of pictures and descriptions of your valuables to determine which items warrant further investigation.

We are happy to provide client references upon request: Trust, Estate and Probate Lawyers, Insurance Companies, Private Individuals, and Antiques and Art Dealers.

Contact us today at (843) 816-0103 to set up an appointment to evaluate your fine art, antiques, jewelry and collectibles.